Chrystal Clear


My Philosophy on skin care is to combine the best products science has to offer with customized treatments that focus on your specific concerns.


We offer a wide variety of services:


  • Customized facials with a variety of options and hydration products. Increased penetration and exfoliation options including:

       Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Derma-planing, and Professional scrubs



  • Intense Pulsed Light Photofacial for the treatment of pigmentation, capillary reduction, and acne


  • Radio Frequency/Infrared treatments for skin tightening and smoothing


My Story

My passion for skin care began with researching ingredients, what they did and how they worked. From there I became obsessed with the science behind all the different kinds of treatments available out there… Which ones worked, the invasiveness or downtime involved, which were worth the cost etc.


I believe my role as your Aesthetician is to provide my expert skin care advice to you and provide services that meet your specific skin care goals. So whether you are interested in maintaining good skin health with a customized pampering facial, reducing the signs of aging with an advanced Collagen Inducing treatment or repairing that issue that keeps you from feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin, I invite you to schedule your free consultation today. I am honored that you have trusted me to assist with your skin care needs.


Our Address:

3990 Cherry Ave NE

Keizer, Oregon 97303


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